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Thread: Sierra 2 tweeter damage...

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    Quote Originally Posted by natetg57 View Post
    Yeah, the hair dryer sounds like a bad idea
    Yeah, not something I'm gonna try to test my hypothesis, lol.

    Does anyone know if the plate the screen is attached to comes off without having to remove the whole tweeter? The reason I have so many speakers is because I find them dirt cheap and often in need of new drivers, grilles, cleanup, etc on CL. I make sure I can source oem parts before buying then fix 'em up again for resale.

    I'm not really making any money doing it but I'm getting to listen to lots of different speakers from different companies on my own setup in my room. It's more a labor of love because I really enjoy this hobby and love speakers. Problem is, when I get them fixed up I end up wanting to keep them! So now I have a room full of working speakers I don't often listen to, lol. I really need to get some of them listed...

    Anyhoo, I'm comfortable taking speakers apart and putting them back together. The RAAL tweeters however, are a whole different animal and right now I'm half afraid if I so much as give them a dirty look I'm going to find out that they're also super sensitive and get their feelings hurt easily...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pogre View Post
    I was measuring the height of my speaker when it happened. The tape wasn't even touching the towers and the magnet sucked it right into the screen. In retrospect measuring from the front without the grilles on was not the best decision, obviously. I've owned many speakers. I currently have 9 pairs of speakers in my house now, have done lots of measuring and have never once run into this.

    A testament to just how powerful the motor is in those tweeters, but I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say it's not common for something like this to happen with most other speakers. We can joke about a new Pogre sticker, but based on some of the replies it might not be a bad idea to at least include a warning in the paperwork or something. Clearly, I'm not the only one who's had this happen.

    There's no change in sq or performance, but the screen protecting that tweeter is warped now and it drives me crazy. I was wondering if I use a hair dryer on it if it might tighten back up, but at this point I already feel like I'm doing everything wrong and knowing my luck I'd end up melting the ribbon... it!

    I have seen how "stuck" the protective tweeter cover (they one used for shipping) you know how strong that magnet is.

    I wouldn't even attempt to straighten the screen if there is no performance issue.

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