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    Quote Originally Posted by jb33 View Post
    thanks you, strictly 2 channel listening, the room is not sealed as there is a hallway about 1/3 down the length of the room. no treatments as i dont know much about that area. i did have a couple svs subs i tried out and could not get them dialed in, i do have mono block amps [ ps audio]. i would like to start with one sub and go from there. i dont know anything about rew software to help dial in. the servo subs seem to be a good fit from what i have read for magnapans.
    Which SVS subs did you have? There are a lot of variables when it comes to blending a sub and placement is probably the most important. Your room will dictate that. You're pretty sparse with sharing information tho so it's difficult to get a read on what you've tried...

    If you had smaller sealed subs I'm not surprised you had trouble. Again, don't know tho. You didn't tell us what you had or how you tried to blend. Room correction? Manual? By ear? Sub crawl? How did you pick a spot(s) for your subs?

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    t had 2 sb 3000 subs and had them on the out side of my maggies,thried manual,ear and some room correction.

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    I had an old ported SVS 10" sub and I never like the sound of it. I think I would have been much happier with one of their sealed subs but I'm glad I found Rythmik.

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