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Thread: Metallica - Through The Never

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    Default Metallica - Through The Never

    Picked this up on Ebay the other day (aside from it being Metallica, as the BluRay was Region B and I wanted to check that the device I recently bought to make my Oppo region free worked correctly).

    Great concert video (I watched the 3D version of the bluray) with a mini-movie interspersed throughout (about a young roadie sent out on a mission to retrieve something).

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    I streamed this years ago. Storyline behind the movie was a bonus...I heard the DTS mastered soundtrack was excellent and it didn't disappoint. I might even pick this one up if I can find a region one time I'm shopping on Amazon.

    I have another concert disc called "Quebec Magnetic"... when to that show here. My ears rang for 2 days...but well worth it. I love that band.

    Other footage I've found some excellent streams where from them headlining a festival in Brazil....the pre concert footage while playing Ennio Morricone's "Ecstasy of gold" genius.
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