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    Default Annual Summer Sale!

    Ascend Acoustics B-Stock Blowout Summer Sale!

    In preparation for the fast approaching holiday season and what has now become a popular annual summer tradition for us, we are happy to announce our B-Stock Blowout Sale! We have been setting aside what we consider to be slightly flawed cabinets and we now need to reclaim this warehouse space in preparation for the arrival of some large shipments.

    *A note about our Sierra B-stock:

    Since we assemble our goods on our production line here at our factory, prior to assembly, every cabinet is inspected and handpicked to create a cosmetically matched pair. Since the Sierra series are made from real hardwood (no veneer, no MDF etc.), there are often slight variances in the grain, texture, and hue from one speaker cabinet to another. Our B-stock are brand new speakers that have what we consider to be minor cosmetic defects, typically a small scratch, nick, scuff or a slight difference in hue or texture.

    We are extremely picky about quality -- every single pair of speakers is performance tested and checked for aesthetics prior to assembly and then once again prior to packaging. In addition, our B-stock goods still come with our full manufacturer’s warranty and our 30-day satisfaction guarantee. We don't believe any of our many competitors offer a satisfaction guarantee on their B-stock. It's simple --we are that confident-- and we dare say that even our B-stock Sierra cabinets favorably compare with most other manufacturers A-stock. With regard to cabinet performance - there is no comparison. A simple knuckle rap on one of our Sierra cabinets is all it takes...


    Sierra-2 B-Stock ---> Huge savings on our incredible Sierra-2 bookshelf speakers!

    Click here to order: Sierra-2 B-Stock pair


    Sierra-1 B-Stock ---> Our lowest prices ever on our renowned Sierra-1 bookshelf speakers!

    Click here to order: Sierra-1 B-Stock pair


    CMT-340 SE ---> Save $70 per pair on what we (and many others) consider to be the best bang for buck loudspeaker ever manufactured!

    Now only $498 per pair. This is for A-stock speakers.

    Click here to order: CMT-340 SE


    CBM-170 SE ---> Save $50 per pair on our legendary bookshelf speakers!

    Now only $298 per pair. Note: This is for A-stock speakers.

    Click here to order: CBM-170 SE


    Thank you for the many years of support and we wish all of you a Happy 4th and relaxing summer!!!
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