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Thread: Emotiva SA-250 Reference Power Amplifier

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    Default Emotiva SA-250 Reference Power Amplifier

    Emotiva SA-250 stereo reference amplifier for sale. Gorgeous stealth bomber look. Not the easiest amplifier to find for sale and probably one of their best products.

    I hate to sell it, but we just don't have room anymore for two separate systems, so this, along with the preamp, (PT-100) need to go. Comes in original double box.

    The warranty expires on 5/6/2021, which is transferrable. Due to the weight of this beast, local sale is preferable, but I will ship at buyers expense.

    Let me know if you have any questions.
    I will upload pics of the actual unit once I unbox it (been in storage due to home remodel).

    Regarding trades, Id be interested in Anthem, NAD or AudioControl home theater receivers.

    Channels: 2
    Topology: fully discrete, highly optimized dual differential, high current, short signal path Class A/B with premium components throughout.
    Power output (both channels driven):
    400 watts RMS per channel @ 4 ohm (0.1% THD)
    250 watts RMS per channel @ 8 ohm (0.08% THD)
    Rated power bandwidth: 20 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 0.1dB
    Broadband frequency response: 5 Hz to 80 kHz, +0 / -1.5dB
    Amplifier gain: user selectable 23 dB or 29 dB
    Input sensitivity for rated power: 3.2 V
    Damping factor: >500
    Signal to Noise ratio:
    1 watt: > 96 dB
    Full power: > 120 dB
    Input impedance:
    unbalanced: 23.5kohms
    balanced: 33 kohms
    Power supply:
    1,200VA toroidal transformer with dual secondary windings
    80,000uF of low ESR storage capacitance (40,000 uF for each channel)
    Input impedance:
    30 kOhms (balanced)
    23.5 kOhms (unbalanced)
    unboxed: 17" wide x 5-3/4" high x 19-1/2" deep
    boxed: 23" wide x 11" high x 25" deep
    Weight: 58 lbs (64 lbs boxed)

    Asking $900


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    Default Re: Emotiva SA-250 Reference Power Amplifier


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