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Thread: Emotiva PT-100 preamp

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    Default Emotiva PT-100 preamp

    Selling our Emotiva PT-100 Preamp. It's a great preamp if you are looking to get in to separates.

    Really great gear, but we just don't have room anymore for two separate systems, so this, along with the amplifier, (SA-250) need to go. Comes in original double box.

    I will upload some photos of the actual unit once I open up the box (been in storage during home remodel).

    Let me know if I can answer any questions.

    Analog Inputs:
    2 pairs; stereo analog line level inputs (CD, Aux).
    1 pair; stereo phono inputs (switchable; moving magnet or moving coil).
    1 tuner; FM (with external antenna input; 50 station presets).

    Digital Inputs:
    1; digital coax (S/PDIF); 24/192k.
    1; digital optical (Toslink); 24/192k.
    1; digital USB (DAC input); 24/96k; no drivers required.
    1; Bluetooth receiver (requires optional AptX Bluetooth dongle).

    1 pair; main line level output; stereo, unbalanced.
    2; summed full range outputs (for connecting one or two subwoofers), unbalanced.
    1; stereo headphone output (front panel).

    Analog Performance (phono):
    Frequency response (MM and MC):
    20 Hz to 20 kHz; ref standard RIAA curve.
    < 0.015% (MM; A-weighted).
    < 0.06% (MC; A-weighted).
    S/N ratio:
    > 90 dB (MM).
    > 68 dB (MC).
    Analog Performance (headphone)

    Output Power:
    8 Ohms: 23 mW / channel.
    33 Ohms: 90 mW / channel.
    47 Ohms: 127 mW / channel.
    150 Ohms: 145 mW / channel.
    300 Ohms: 114 mW / channel.
    600 Ohms: 75 mW / channel.

    Digital Performance:
    Frequency response:
    5 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 0.15 dB (44k sample rate).
    5 Hz to 80 kHz +/- 0.25 dB (192k sample rate).
    < 0.003% (A-weighted; all sample rates).
    < 0.007% (SMPTE).
    S/N ratio:
    > 110 dB ref rated output.

    12 VDC trigger output.

    Power Requirements:
    115 VAC or 230 VAC @ 50 / 60 Hz (automatically detected).

    Controls And Indicators:
    Power: rocker switch; rear panel.
    Standby: one front panel push button; halo ring changes color to indicate status.
    Two front panel pushbuttons: Input Select; menu operation.
    One front panel knob: Volume; Tuning; menu operation.
    Display: high visibility blue alphanumeric VFD display (dimmable).
    Remote Control: compact full-function infrared remote control.
    Menu and Control System; simplified, highly intuitive menu system
    (includes Setup options, Bass, Treble, and Balance controls).

    17 wide x 2-5/8 high x 12-1/2 deep (unboxed; without connectors).
    21 long x 7 high x 17-1/2 deep (boxed).
    9 lbs (unboxed).
    13.5 lbs (boxed).

    Asking $275


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    Default Re: Emotiva PT-100 preamp


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