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I have not yet looked into formal room treatments, but may need to experiment with that further to find if I can take my listening room to even greater audio-bliss heights!!


Since my January report on "toeing-out" the Sierra NrT's, I did experience another substantial and definitive improvement in my 2-channel capability when I replaced standard RCA interconnects with a CD high resolution RCA set. With these, have gained even more openness, clarity and even further high frequency extension. Thus, re-hearing details and nuances in all of my recordings that I hadn't before!!

In March, took the next logical step and received some GIK 2A Alpha AbFusers 2ft square x 2" deep panel room treatments (absorber & diffusor). However after 2 weeks, no matter where I tried (listening wall, side walls, setup wall), I could not "improve" the live acoustics of my listening room. Primarily, I lost some focus, air and openness in the upper midrange and lower treble regions. Placement behind the Sierra's were the least intrusive to the stereo holographic presentation, but nevertheless a detraction that did nothing to "improve" the live 3D experience, the wide and deep soundstage and strong center focus that my small intimate listening room offers!