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    Default General Advice on Setup

    Hi Everyone,

    First I'd like to apologize for the length that this will probably turn out to be. My question(s) are primarily related to the speaker/receiver settings. I've had this system since around 2013 and every now and then I get the urge to try to tweak the settings to see if I can get a better sound. I'll try to be as brief as possible and ask specific questions. I'll be the first to admit that I am not an audiophile and truth be told, I'd probably classify as whatever the antonym is for an audiophile. First my components:

    Receiver: Yamaha RX-A1000
    Speakers: Front: CMT-340SE
    Center: CMT-340SE
    Front Surround: CBM-170SE
    Rear Surrond: CBM-170SE (currently not connected)
    Sub: Rhythmik FV12 vented
    Connections to Receiver: TV
    Cable Box
    Android Box

    Everything is networked. I'd say it's primarily used 60% for television and 40% for streaming music.

    Basically what it boils down to is that it seems like everything I read gives different recommendations for sub settings (Rhythmik recommendations different from Yamaha recommendations which differ from the subwoofer sticky in the Ascend forum). I'm prepared for a lot of "it depends answers" but I'm definitely willing to work through those with someone if they are willing to be patient enough to work through it for me. So let's begin:

    1. So first the "Configuration" menu under "Speaker Setup" and then "Manual Setup" on the receiver. This is basically where you set the speakers to "large" or "small". It also has a subwoofer option, extra bass, and bass crossover. I currently have the CMT's set as large and the CBM's set as small. I have the subwoofer option as "use" and the phase as "normal" (the other option being "reverse"). I have "Extra Bass" set to "on" and "Bass Crossover" set to 80Hz which is the default.

    2. In the same "Manual Setup Menu" menu there is an option for "Parametric EQ". Under that is "PEQ Select" with the options being "Manual" (way over my head), Flat, Front, Natural, and Through.

    3. Now for my sub settings.
    Delay/Phase: 0
    Crossover: 120Hz
    Level: half way between min and max
    In "Bass Extension" I have the Frequency @ 14 and Damping @ "High".

    Before I move on, I'll stop here and just ask for any recommendations folks might have as to changes that may need to be made. Also, if anyone would like to see the manual for the receiver, it's pretty easy to google the .pdf for it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, if this post would be better in a different forum, just tell me to gtfo and the best place to post.


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    Default Re: General Advice on Setup

    1. I have tried similar setting to yours in the past but it is challenging to get it right. It's generally recommended to put all of your speakers on 'small' and turn off 'extra bass'. Having bass come out of more speakers seems like a good idea but the bass waves can end up canceling each other out and causing an uneven sound. 80hz is a good crossover frequency.
    2. Don't worry about the parametric EQ for now. Whatever setting turns off the EQ is what I would go for.
    3. Use the microphone that came with your receiver to run auto setup. That should calibrate the Delay/phase for your sub by changing the distance setting in the receiver.

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    Default Re: General Advice on Setup

    Thanks Nate. That’s pretty much what I ended up doing. But sometimes I get that thought that “hell, I can do better than that.” And usually w/o fail I’m wrong.

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    Default Re: General Advice on Setup

    Hi Avery,

    I'm not an expert, so I don't usually give advice on forums, but since I have a Yamaha RX-A3040 and have been down the "how do I improve my bass" road, I thought I would throw in my two cents. Maybe it will lead you to what you are looking for. As I said, I am not an expert, so these are just my opinions. For reference, besides the Yamaha I have Ascend towers and Horizon with RAAL (with Polk surround and presence speakers) and a pair JTR 118HT subs.

    As to the different recommendations for sub settings, the Yamaha recommendations are generic for any subwoofer, whether it is a small cheap sub or a deluxe monster sub. These recommendations will get you in the ballpark, but it won't be perfect. If you are an average listener, this may satisfy your needs. However, since you purchased a high quality Rythmik sub that has many setup options, I think you should follow the Rythmik setup recommendations...they designed and built the sub, so they know best on how to get the most out of it.

    1. Speaker Setup - I agree with what Nate said.

    2. Manual Setup Menu - Here's where I disagree with Nate. YPAO is room correction software and is designed to give you improve your listening experience by EQing your speakers based on your room's acoustic measurements. Running the automated setup is easy and afterwards you'll be able to select one of the PEQ settings (Flat, Front, Natural) that sounds best to you (or you can shut it off using Through). Here's a link to Yamaha YPAO Configuration - The Right Way.

    3. Rythmik settings - I've never owned a Rythmik sub so I have no opinion on your settings. It would be better to check with Enrico for expert advise.

    Yamaha AVRs are known to have lower voltages (than other manufacturers) on their subwoofer outputs, so I use y connectors on both subs to increase the input voltage at the sub (splitting the signal to both the Left and Right RCA inputs on the sub increases the input voltage). This has been one of the best changes I made to improve my bass and mid-bass. Here's an example of a y connector.

    In my opinion, the best thread for system setup is Guide to Subwoofer Calibration and Bass Preferences Mike Thomas is very knowledgeable and his guide will help you get better results from your system. If you need further help, you can simple post your questions in the thread and he'll gladly respond.

    Good Luck,

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    Default Re: General Advice on Setup

    Thanks Jack.

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    Default Re: General Advice on Setup

    I am not an audiophile by any stretch of imagination, but do have experience tweaking speaker setup, reading through forums and books, and in general trying to figure out how to get best possible sound. Here are my thoughts:
    1. If you have a subwoofer like Rythmik FV12, then ALL your speakers MUST be set to SMALL. This will route the frequencies under crossover frequency (typically set to 80 Hz) to the sub, and above to the speakers. It also reduces the overall load from the speakers, since they now have to reproduce frequencies only to the crossover frequency.

    2. Running YPAO helps set accurate speaker distance from the listening position, as well as level trims (so you have a coherent center image in stereo mode, and no speaker is louder). It will also help set accurate speaker distance, which will be most often more than the physical distance. This compensates for the amp delay, so the sound from all speakers reaches your ears at the same time. The CMT-340s' are capable of playing all the way down to 40 Hz in a room, but I would suggest setting the crossover to 80 Hz. for LCR, and 100 Hz for surrounds. Try playing with the crossover settings.

    3. For initial settings of the sub, follow the instructions here: Then run YPAO to obtain the distance settings.

    I prefer turning off any auto-room correction (YPAO) after the initial setting and measurements are done, and start tweaking from there till you are satisfied (In my case, the sub sounded bloated after engaging auto-room correction).

    Also remember, in a typical room, you are hearing more of the room, than the speakers, and making small adjustments can make a perceptible difference to the sound at the listening position. Good luck!

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