I have an L12 on the way. I know the Rythmik describes the Low Music setting for music and Low HT for movies/higher SPL. However, as long as I don't risk bottoming out the driver or clipping the amp, I would like to use the Low Music settings for music and movies.

My room is 12' by 12' by 8' high (~1200 cubic feet) with a closed door (but not airtight and walls are regular drywall with wooden floor on 2nd floor of house). I am about 8-9ft from the single sub (ears to driver). Using a Yamaha 2070 AVR and MiniDSP 2x4 HD for sub PEQ (I disable YPAO auto EQ and apply no boost in the MiniDSP). I let YPAO set the levels and distances and usually don't run the sub hot (and only up to 3dB hot occasionally). I keep MV no higher than -32dB.

I currently have an LV12R which is my only sub and the L12 will be replacing it (selling the LV12R). Placement and listening levels will remain the same. Mainly wanted the sealed extension and damping while minimizing the bulk/weight.

So, can I leave the rumble filter off all the time or would a movie like the new Jurassic World sequel I just watched on Blu-Ray require the Low HT 20Hz 18dB per octave filter to avoid bottoming out the driver or hitting amp limits/clipping?

When I use to measure SPL peaks in Movies with REW and UMIK-1, usually didn't exceed 90dB peaks, with 95dB peaks being the absolute highest and only for a movie or 2. Used the SPL logger in REW set to Z weighting, fast response.

Wondering if others with a single L12 in a tiny room like mine ever need the rumble filter for movies with lots of low bass/ulf...