Hello, and thanks in advance for any assistance. Here's the setup:

On the wall behind my TV is a (approx) 2ft x 4ft acoustic panel (Roxul Rockboard 60, 2 inch thick).

My Sierra-2C is mounted in front of the panel, centered relative to the panel, with its rear port 7 inches from the panel surface.

Does this proximate absorptive material present any problem for the Sierra-2?

This arrangement reduces reflections from the wall, meaning most of the sound is coming from the front of the speaker.

Would you recommend instead bare wall directly behind the speaker, and applying acoustic panels on either side of the speaker?

FYI - the room is 15x25, with 9 ft ceilings. The room is relatively reflective, but I have strategically mounted acoustic panels to help control first reflection points. The TV sits about 1.5 feet from the wall. The business end of the speaker juts out 2 inches in front of the edge of the TV, so there are no significant diffraction effects.

The system sounds quite good to me. Just wondering if it could sound better. I will try it both ways but I'm interested in the expertise in this forum.