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Thread: New Amplifier In the Works

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    I don’t think the input side has much to do with it.

    To reach 103db will always take the same amount of output from the amp. With more line out from the preamp, you will just get there sooner.

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    To play at continuous 103dB volume at 15ft with an 87dB sensitivity speaker like the Sierra-2 run full range requires somewhere in the neighborhood of 300-400 watts of power. That far exceeds the rated power handling of the Sierra-2 which is 150 watts continuous. I would not be surprised to see the RAAL tweeter dancing around like a belly dancer under such conditions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpmc View Post
    Yes sir. On the other hand, I am beginning to think my pre amplifier might be having an effect on the amplifier showing the peak lights.

    See I am using what used to be my previous amplifier (integrated music hall audio) as a pre amplifier. The more I look at the specs, the more it makes me think this might be part of the issues with that.

    I have been "upgrading" my setup little by little (as much as my time permits me to do research).

    The pre-out line voltage is actually pretty low 660mV. This could be clipping or maxing out the signal as it gets to the amplifier. Maybe, just a theory and I don't know enough about it to be sure.

    From the specs off of the ATI AT1802, the amp requires 1.8V input for full power output.

    Good news is, this week I get a brand new Belles audio pre-amp sent out to me (which based on what I've read should be just what I am looking for).

    Their line out is reated at 3V so if it is having an effect on what I am seeing, this might be part of it.

    I shall report more soon.
    The issue is not your pre-amplifier, the issue is your volume levels combined with your listening distance. Everything is functioning as should be expected, because you corrected the distance that did not make sense from 4.5 feet to 4.5 meters.

    To reach 103dB at your listening position with a pair of Sierra-2's will require 400 watts of power. This is considerably more power than your amplifier can provide (without clipping), and also considerably more power than the Sierra-2's are capable of handling. You are seeing the ribbon tweeter move like you mentioned because you are damaging it, you are also likely damaging the woofer as well.

    If you wish to listen at these volume levels at 4.5 meters away and with that ATI amp, you are going to need speakers with a rated sensitivity level of at least 90dB and that can handle 200 watts of power. I am honestly very confused about everything as you had originally mentioned to me that you listen at low volume levels and in the nearfield. 103dB is extremely loud and 4.5 meters is definitely not nearfield listening.

    The math in calculating this is simple and I strongly suggest you research it a bit.

    At this point, I recommend you upgrade to our Towers, or start listening at lower volume levels which will not clip your amp or push the speakers with more power than they are designed for. Your safe volume level with this amp and at your distance is peaks of 99dB, which is still plenty loud. When those peak lights are activated, in many cases, it is already too late. While it might seem like no big deal to go from 99dB to 102dB, that seemingly small jump in volume requires double the amount of power, from 150 watts in this case, to 300 watts.
    Good Sound To You!

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