Hi Everyone,

I have sierra 2 LCR and a svs sb16 ultra powered by Yamaha DSP A1.

I am extremely happy with my setup.

Yamaha DSP A1 was flagship AVR of its time and its now 2 decades old.

I was wondering if using latest DAC such as Schiit BitFrost or Gungir Multibit will result in even better quality music listening experience.

IF anyone is using those DACs with ascend speakers, it would be great to hear their experience.

I am pretty sure that the amp section of DSP A1 is really good and i would like to keep using it for few more years or until its dead.
This is because i bypassed the amp section and hooked up emotiva xpa 3 Gen 3 and felt like my 20 years old Yamaha is better/sweet sounding.