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Thread: Moving to AV setup, mistakes????

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    Default Moving to AV setup, mistakes????

    Hey All,

    RAAL Tower owner going from stereo setup to home entertainment system. Mistakes already?

    Current stereo setup:
    RAAL Towers
    Rotel RCD-1070 cd player
    Audioengine D2 pc/preamp link
    Audible Illusions Modulus 3 preamp
    Sunfire Load Invariant 300 wpc amp

    Going to 3.1 system:
    LG 65Ē UHD OLED tv (fantastic picture, bad sound)
    RAAL Towers
    Horizon center (ordered, on way soon)
    Denon AVR-X3400H AV receiver
    Oppo UDP-203 to be ordered (unless swing for bigger brother)
    Velodyne Minivee 10 sub

    So, the question is, should I have stayed with discrete power rather than a receiver? Can/should I hook up both systems and use my current system for stereo only, and the receiver for TV?

    Please comment on any aspect of my setup. I have two Velodyne subs because my last pair of speakers were Dahlquist 10ís, an old speaker with little bass (very nice in the 1970ís!). They could be upgraded.

    Could also add Sierra 2ís for 5.1, though Iím not sure how much more I should spend for something I use so little. That may change with good sound though.

    Anyway, your thoughts are appreciated. Will post again in the near future with room setup stuff.

    Thank you! randy

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    Default Re: Moving to AV setup, mistakes????

    That is a very respectable receiver, and should work fine for both HT and music. You might find the receiver's Pure Direct mode will sound best for music as you speakers should need little to no correction. My Denon's stereo mode runs the front 2 only which suits me fine and will sound amazing with your RAAL towers. I'm sure you already know how well the Oppo will work for both movies and music. Envious of your TV ... I saw the 55" version in Costco recently and the picture was stunning. LG has technology that nobody else is using at this point. Looking forward to seeing your setup.

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    Default Re: Moving to AV setup, mistakes????

    Quote Originally Posted by randyrlee2 View Post
    Could also add Sierra 2ís for 5.1, though Iím not sure how much more I should spend for something I use so little. That may change with good sound though.
    I thought like this. For many years (decades?). But when I finally expanded to 5.2, I could not believe how much better the HT experience became. Just sayin' you might want to consider it -- it's more important than most of us think.

    My only other thought for you is that your sub is small, and there's only one. In most house-sized rooms I nearly always suggest two, because of room modes. And for HT use, an 8" woofer is likely going to be underwhelming. For about the same money I'd be looking at a Rythmik LVX12 -- yes it's ported, but it's also servo. It'll blend with the Ascend speakers so well that you'll be convinced that your towers just magically got cleaner and grew an extra octave on the bottom end. At least that's what happened with my Sierra-2s and my LVX12s, driven by my old Denon AVX-4000.
    "If it sounds good, it is good." -- Duke Ellington

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