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Thread: Go from a AVR receiver to a 2 channel receiver for 2.1?

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    With my little guy it’s not even about him seeing me fiddle with stuff. He hears sound coming from the speakers and goes up to investigate. It’s funny to watch his curiosity trying to figure out what is making all of that noise. Needless to say the grills don’t come off of mine.

    We had a custom tv stand built specifically to house my S2’s and keep them from messing with them/tipping over speaker stands. Most people dont even notice there are speakers in it, but my little man does. My 5 year old daughter could care less.

    I have a pic attached. Never mind the mess. Kids were helping mom wrap presents and I opted to catch up on The Walking Dead vs picking up. Also, pay no attention to the distracting mirrors behind the tv. I tried. Lol. I usually have a chair in the sweet spot but had to temporarily relocate for Christmas tree, etc.

    Hopefully in the next year we can get the basement finished, then I can have some freedom and much more space.

    On another note, I can’t get a pic to attach.
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