I recently replaced CBM-170s that are several years old with B stock Sierra 1 and wanted to add one more rave review to the Forum. Also, hopefully this will be useful to someone contemplating using them with similar equipment and room issues. The CBM-170s were much loved and enjoyed and live on in a family member's second system.

The Sierra's sit horizontally on a bookshelf on small wooden pegs, with the Q Plugs, a foot or two above seated ear level. The room is 12x15 with high ceilings, carpet and plenty of glass - in other words far from ideal listening conditions. The source is a Marantz 11s1 CD, Audio Electronics/Cary AE3 tube preamp and Cary SLA-70 amp. The amp is 35 watts/channel, using new EL34 output tubes with NOS rectifiers and input tubes. As mentioned, this sounded great with the CBM-170s. Music includes a broad range - hard rock, singer songwriters, jazz, R&B, etc

Like everyone says, the Sierras are a whole new world. Better defined, more realistic bass is the first difference noticed, but the midrange detail and clarity and the refined high end make these a real joy. Low level listening is really enjoyable, but there is a tendency for volume knob creep depending on the artist. Turning it to 12:00 provides the house next door with plenty of detail, that is as high as I want to go. The Marantz puts out a strong signal compared to others I've had (Rega, Oppo), but anyone concerned a tube amp won't be powerful enough needn't worry. It sounds absolutely terrific.

Obviously I am a huge fan of Dave and the Ascend Acoustics team and really appreciate this kind of high quality product at such a reasonable price. Over the years I had three different pairs of Magnepan speakers as well as Salk Sound Towers driven by a McIntosh 275 and truly love that kind of sound. Like a lot of us, there is no longer room for that kind of set up, so it's great to have these Sierra's.

My wife knows little of our hobby, but she summed it up well when she said, "They sound expensive!" Thank you Dave