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Thread: Can i mix Ascend speakers?

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    Question Can i mix Ascend speakers?


    I'm currently looking for speakers, im running old JBL Studio series bookshelves that have work great over time, but from a long time i always have had a very unique attraction toward ascend speakers, but i don't have the budget toward going with full RAAL setup, maybe in the future, but not something that i'm really dying for, and tbh from the beginning i have been trying to try the CMB170s. My room is 16'x13' (10' height), i'm not changing the sub yet, its an old SVS 25-31 PCi.

    I do have a wish though, probably not something that i would recommend, but the reality is that in Guatemala there is 0 chance of audition ascends, so i kinda would like to take the opportunity and also test different speakers.

    So my idea is to go with a Sierra Horizon with the NRT tweeter, i just simply speechless when i see it, looks like the best center i have ever seen, 2x CMB 170 for mains and 2x HTM 200 for surrounds. But i do fear having different drivers and tweeters how will all around as a set, im not interested on music, this setup will be 99% for movies. the speakers wont be mounted right on the wall, I have speaker mounts similar to BT77 but can fit bigger bookshelves.

    So tell me what you think, will it sound good or i'm I making a mistake? maybe you guys think its best to drop the Sierra Horizon in favor of a CMT340, but I honestly would like to try it out, the CMT340 might be a great speaker, but ever since i saw the horizon... its something that i cant get out of my mind, but if you think its better to go with CMT340 and try to timber match the setup, i can be easily persuaded.

    Thanks for your time into reading my thread, hope you leave some feedback,
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    If you're 99% movies, I can see the benefit of getting the Horizon. The vast majority of movie audio comes out of the center channel so it makes some sense to spend more on the center speaker. The cbm-170 is no slouch, but I don't think it will keep up with the Horizon. You may find yourself wanting to upgrade them down the road to the Sierra-1/2 or towers.

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    It sounds like you are set on the Horizon center, and for good reason -- it is an amazing speaker. That stated, rather than go with 170's for the left/right speaker - I would recommend spending a bit more and going with the 340's for left/right as these would be a much closer match with regard to dynamics and will be better able to keep up with the Horizon.
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    I am using a pair of 340SE as my L/R Mains and I highly recommend them too. I was planning to get the 170SE initially, due to the smaller size, but I am glad I got the 340SE. For what that speaker costs, the value is through the roof.
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