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Thread: "Difficult" room. Looking for suggestions

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    Default "Difficult" room. Looking for suggestions

    Hi All,

    I moved into a new house this past spring and am finally getting around to setting up the audio/home theater space. Unfortunately, my listening space is not the most acousticaly friendly area it could be (see attached picture). I'm looking for suggestions for what my best options would be with the shape of this room. Right now, I'm just looking for mains, but will be adding more down the line. Likely a 5.1.2 system due to room restraints. Use will be predominantly music (80%?) but also hooked to the tv for home theater and general tv purposes. Performance with music is far more important to me than home theater, but it does still need to do both.

    The room is an open floor plan with vaulted ceilings, the living area opens to the dining area and kitchen. The listening area will be in front of the fireplace, with the tv mounted above. On that wall, the fireplace is flanked by built in cabinets. The area above the cabinets is a sort of cubby, enclosed by the fireplace, side walls, and an overhanging ceiling.

    Options I'm looking at:

    Horizon stc mains RAAL, placed on the cabinets. I like that they are front ported. The rear ported pioneer speakers placed in the cubby is not doing good things for low frequency quality right now. I think a front ported speaker would help with that.

    Sierra 2s, rear port issue here too?

    Custom slim horizon mains. Not thrilled about no 30 day demo period with the custom speakers.

    Sierra towers RAAL. My problem here is placement in order to maintain function of the built in cabinets. I'm worried they will have to be placed to close to the fireplace. The fireplace gets a lot of use in the winter and definitely throws off quite a bit of heat in the area where the speakers would be.

    Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: "Difficult" room. Looking for suggestions

    I don't see your pictures.

    Anyways, based on your description, I think either the S2's or Horizons would be your best bet.

    I believe the S2's only need about 3 or 4" of space from the wall (seen that on the forum, but you should confirm).

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