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Thread: Slim Center Channel to Pair with Sierra 1s

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    Default Slim Center Channel to Pair with Sierra 1s


    Haven't posted in a few years mostly because the advice was so fantastic last time that I walked away with a full Ascend lineup a couple years ago and have never been happier with my HT than I am now.

    However, I have new a conundrum and was hoping to you might be able to assist with some potential solutions/options. I currently have three Sierra 1s across the front with a couple of 170s in the back in a 5.1 setup. However, I may need to replace the current center Sierra 1 with a new very slim center channel. Basically, WAF is at work and spatial changes are afoot that I must adhere to! ;-)

    Not too terribly worried about losing the Sierra 1 center as it may push me to move to 7.1 with the 170s on the sides and pickup a new Sierra 1 to match the former center in the back.

    My bigger concern is whether I can find a new center channel that would "work well" with the existing Sierra 1 fronts. The kicker being the new center must be quite short in the Height department -- 0.1" to 4.5" range for height (5" might be possible but not sure). Depth is mildly restricted but width is not. Does such a unicorn exist?

    In some of my quick research so far I've read some limited but positive things about the Goldenear SuperSat 50 and the the Canton CD 1050. But, not much else. Any other recommendations that would seemingly play well with the Sierra 1s and fit the size bill?

    Thanks in advance as your advice is greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Slim Center Channel to Pair with Sierra 1s

    Something that size, I think you are going to be out of luck.

    I would first try a phantom center.

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    Default Re: Slim Center Channel to Pair with Sierra 1s

    The Goldenear you mentioned is 4.75 inch high per their website. Def Tech procenter 1000 is same. The Canton is 3.5- so this meets your dimensions. I've never heard one so don't know how well it will match with the Sierra's.

    Agree with Curtis - try a phantom center first.

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    Default Re: Slim Center Channel to Pair with Sierra 1s

    What about the Luna as a center?

    This is about 5.75 inches tall, when laid on its side. Right now it is only available with the Raal ribbon tweeter, but I think Dave is working on a version with the Sierra 1 tweeter. He has also mentioned an MTM version for a slim center. Either would be a perfect match to your Sierra 1, but you likely have to wait a while.

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