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    Looking for 100% HT/Blu-ray based speakers, here is what I am dealing with:

    Room is rectangular

    We sit against long wall, and HT is directly across on other long wall (about 11 feet away)

    The wall behind us, to the wall behind the display is 13 feet, and the long part of the room is 20 feet, with ceiling being around 13 feet. The two long walls are closed, and to the left us one of the short walls is closed, to the right there is no wall and it leaks out right into a kitchen and left into dining room, so our seating area is a rectangle, but the entire room is a "T" shape, with the kitchen and dining area being the top of the "T".

    I have a yamaha preamp to feed an Outlaw Model 7140 amp. I also have dual Rythmik FV15HP's. Was looking at going with two CMT-340's for the right and left fronts on the Ascend stands, on each side of my 65" display. Subs would be spread out beyond them because the room is so odd.

    I have a custom built riser for my display, and the CMT-340 center would go under it firing forward at our main two spots (as stated above, distance of our seats would be 11 feet from the center and fronts roughly and the fronts would be about 6.5 feet apart).

    How does that seem?

    Edit: I also prefer higher playback levels during movies, not moderate at all
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    That sounds like a great plan to me. What are you going to use for surrounds?

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    I think you'll be very pleased. I have 340s L/C/R, 170s surround L/R and 200's surround L/R back. I like them because you don't have to crank them to have a very pleasant experience with clear dialog for dialog heavy movies, but they will play loud and hold together nicely.

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    The CMT-340SE, IMO, is the best value in Ascend's lineup. An excellent choice for your intended use.

    If if you don't mind me asking, what speakers are you currently using?

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    What the all said

    I have the CMT-340SE as my mains with a Rythmik L12 sub. My room is about 18x13, with 8' ceiling. I too have speakers on one of the long sides and couch opposite to it, on the other long side.

    About same listening distance or a bit less. However, on both sides of the main speakers I have two openings to kitchen on one side and to foyer on the other.

    The foyer and the kitchen are then open to the living room and dining room, which are actually one large room, no walls. Despite this and the relatively modest power provided by my Emotiva Fusion 8100 AVR, the CMT-340SE and the L12 can make absolute mayhem with movies The high sensitivity of the CMT-340SE is awesome and I love their neutral "voicing" with music.
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    Emotiva Fusion 8100
    Ascend Acoustics CMT-340 SE Main
    Rythmik L12 Sub

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    Quote Originally Posted by gadgtfreek View Post
    ...(as stated above, distance of our seats would be 11 feet from the center and fronts roughly and the fronts would be about 6.5 feet apart)...
    Ideally the stereo pair should be an equal distance from you as they are each other, so 11 ft.

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