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Thread: Anthem or other to replace a Marantz 5009?

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    Quote Originally Posted by racrawford65 View Post
    No worries! Glad your enjoying the Anthem!

    Did you configure the rears as rear height or just rears? If the first, you may try reconfiguring as rears (so traditional 7.1).
    They're configured as rears not heights. Think it makes more sense to perhaps move them to Front Heights or reconfig as Rear heights?

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    Default Re: Anthem or other to replace a Marantz 5009?

    OK. Next question - why do you feel they are not that effective in current position? Based on movies or music? If movies, perhaps the movie itself doesn't have a lot of "sound" mixed to the rears. No opinion on music as I mainly listen in 2 channel (typically no processing, although Anthem Music is pretty good). Very rarely 5.1.

    If they aren't "aimed" at your listening position, have you tried that? Alternately, have you lowered them to the same plane as your surrounds & mains to see how that sounds?

    Third option would be to try as front heights. I think this would be better than just rear heights - at least based on what I've read. The alternate is to add a pair as front heights, configure your current as rears, and run 5.1.4 (assuming you have a sub).

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    Good advice.

    I'm basing it on movies not music. We don't watch many bluerays - usually just streaming (apple tv, amazon, or TV). So I guess there's not a lot of rear content.

    I've had the rears in a few diff positions. So maybe I'll try them in the front. That would 5.1.2? Does the anthem handle that?

    How you liking yours? I just love that we don't strain to hear what anyone's saying these days


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    Yes - it is a variant of 5.1.2. 5 are the "ear level" speakers (eg, Front L, Front R, Center, Sur. R, Sur. L ); 1 is the subwoofer; 2 are the ATMOS (height/ceiling speakers). Yes, you can configure the Anthem for Front (or Rear) heights/ceilings. See page 7 in the manual for different speaker configs (you can interpret the on-ceiling as heights, as well) and pages 17/18 for amp/speaker configuration. You'll need to rerun ARC, as well.

    I am liking the 720 and it's ATMOS capability. It was an upgrade from the 510, which was an upgrade from previous Yamaha. I think ARC works better then the YPAO. The Yamaha sounded good, but I think the Anthem sounds better.

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