My sincerest apologies -- our forum was recently hacked and randomly caused some visitors to be redirected to a file sharing site. Apparently, this specific hack is/was quite common with vBulletin forums.

Please be assured, the malware has been removed - forum software has been upgraded and all appropriate security measures have been put in place to prevent this from happening again.

At no point were any passwords or private information compromised - this was just a little trick spammers figured out in order to redirect traffic to their own site. It will likely take a week or two before Google white lists us again as this takes some time and at no point was our main site compromised, which is precisely why we host the forum and main site on different servers as this is now the 2nd time our forum was hacked.

Anyway -- all is fine now and the forum should actually be running smoother and faster.

If anyone notices anything odd with the forum - please let us know.

Thanks again!