I have an Electrocompaniet Prelude PI-1 integrated amplifier for sale. This is the entry level integrated from a highly respected Norwegian audio company. I have been using it with my Sierra Towers (NrT) for a few years now and it's really a great match. The amp was recommended to me as a solid state amp that displays "warm" or "tube like" characteristics and I've found that to be the case... It sounds outstanding for my listening preferences and is very easy to listen to for long sessions. It's in perfect working condition, with a few light cosmetic marks shown in the photos. I'm only selling to come up with some extra money for the RAAL upgrade on my Sierra Towers.

This will be shipped properly in the original box/packaging. This is my first post here on the Ascend Acoustics forum, but I do have a long history of 100% positive feedback under the same username on eBay, Steve Hoffman Forums, Audiogon and Head-Fi.

I'll cover shipping and PayPal fees. Please email me with any questions. Thanks for looking.


PI-1Prelude integrated amp
Input impedance Balanced input 47Kohm
Output impedance 0.03 ohm
Noise floor 20 - 20 kHz < - 100 dB

Frequency response - 3 dB 1 - 200 kHz
Channel separation > 120 dB
THD + N 20 - 20 kHz < 0.006%

Maximum peak current > 50A
Damping factor 8 ohm load >250

Rated output power THD = 0.2%
into 8 ohm 2 x 50 W
into 4 ohm 2 x 75 W
into 2 ohm 2 x 100 W

Toroid transformer 300VA

Capacitor storage bank 40.000uF

W x D x H 420 x 340 x 77 mm
Weight 6 kg

Power consumption No load or signal 100 W

2 x 2 Channel Balanced (XLR)
2 x 2 Channel Single Ended