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Thread: L22 as Horizon "stand"

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    Default L22 as Horizon "stand"

    L22 laid on its side (can you do that?) would be 28" wide and 14" tall then. Horizon on top of that (23" wide) with perhaps an IsoAcoustics Aperta 300 between them. Assuming something is placed under the L22 (aurelex subdude(s), IsoAcoustics pucks, etc.) All in, total height would be around 30". Get the benefit of angle adjustment due to the Aperta. Craziness? I think that would look pretty imposing (badass), but not if there are sonic compromises.

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    Default Re: L22 as Horizon "stand"

    I don't think it is a problem at all in terms of sound quality, as long as the Horizon is pulled to being flush or slightly hanging off of the front of the L22. My seated ear height is about 42 inches, so if I were in your case I would just orient the L22 so that it is upright and then place the horizon on top. But that requires and acoustically transparent projector screen, or a display mounted uncomfortably high.

    That is crazy that the Horizon is that wide. It doesn't look like it in the photo. It will look this imposing stack of speakers. I think it would look cool though.

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