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    I wanted to start out by saying that I love these speakers. I have had them for a couple of weeks now.

    Just A little back story….

    I used to sell vintage and high end stereo gear some years ago. Since then I haven’t had nice equipment. My Amp and pre amp was not a good match, and amplifier was under powered for the speakers. (celestion si6’s ). Then a few months ago I came across a add in the local add forum for a “stereo” as I took a closer look at the equipment that was pictured, I realized that it was a Rega turntable, Bryston 4bst power amp , Firstsound preamp, along with a tube phone preamp (antique audio pp-1). All for 300 DOLLARS!!! I was all over it! Also all the cables speaker wire and speaker came with it. The speakers (acoustic energy AE2’) looked like they stored them is a mud puddle. I tried to order new cabinets form AE’s with no luck. I sent back the preamp to Fristsound and had it rebuilt. This is a fantastic preamp.

    The Hunt!

    The hunt was on for new speakers. I have to say I have listened to quite a few speakers over the last several months. There sure is a lot of over hyped speakers. Some were good. Some live buy their name. Others sound like hollowed out wood boxes. The only speaker that even came close were the Legacy audio studio HD. There were the first speakers my wife listened to and said “I get it now”. I had some concerns about how they would work with my equipment And long listening sessions. I at times thought they were a little abrasive.

    The Sierra 2’s are the best speakers any were near the price, and some of the nicest sounding monitors I have ever heard. Take the plunge! These are a true bargain. So detailed and sweet sounding. These are a true high end speaker with a mid-fi price. Oh and the fit and finish of these is top notch. I looked at some speakers that were toted that the fit and finish was great. They were not in the same league. There is a lot of high end hype around speakers and that’s what it is hype. At times I found myself listening to speakers that were far more expensive and trying to convince myself they were good. I other thing I found is a lot of speakers have a midrange bump that can draw you in. the Sierra’s just do everything right. Really they get out of the way and let the music play!

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    Wow, great deal on that equipment. Totally agree with you on the Sierra-2s. Music and movies just sound amazing on them.

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