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Thread: Life after Sierra-2: The usual redundant "where next" question (preference 2.0)

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    Default Re: Life after Sierra-2: The usual redundant "where next" question (preference 2.0)

    Good grief, I thought I'd replied to this thread two months ago. The ingratitude! Life has disrupted my listening and internet time repeatedly and I let this slip through the cracks.

    As far as I can tell, the digital volume on the Oppo was the culprit; and I'm embarrassed it didn't occur to me sooner. Actually, I think I _had_ toggled between 'fixed' and 'variable' volume, but the experiment wasn't controlled enough to yield meaningful results. I've very lately been throwing dozens of very different kinds of recordings at the Sierra-2's and the results have been so much more beautiful than I remember from even two months ago. It might have been a weird, peristent, 'placebic' buyer's remorse as well. I rarely pay this much for anything at once. Whatever the case, I feel a lot better now than before. I'd written off the notion of speakers needing "burning in", but my feelings about the speakers are much better now.

    Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. Changing speaker placement has been almost as easy, and I think it's yielded some significant results.

    I might also soon be in the market for a more powerful amp. For a variety of reasons, that might be an AVR rather than another integrated or separates....but the debate over the (dis)advantages of each of these leaves me dizzy and further confused, so I need to keep researching. I will probably revive a receiver recommendation thread to ask about relatively inexpensive options.
    Apropos sludgeogre's comment above, I don't use a Class D, just a regular A/B 40w integrated amp. I am still concerned about the possibility of clipping, though I've been using the NIOSH sound meter app (albeit on an Iphone 5's internal mic, no external mic....please don't scoff!) and brief highest peaks almost never exceed ~85db(A), with ~80% of listening remaining under ~75db(A). Unless this method of measurement is worthless, that's where I stand with volume. An SPL meter will have to go on the acquisition list.

    Sorry for the delay, but thanks everyone!

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    Default Re: Life after Sierra-2: The usual redundant "where next" question (preference 2.0)

    I think that NAD should be sufficient for low listening levels. The s2's are very revealing so if your setup is not right they will let you know.

    You would want to use fixed output volume on the 103 for your setup. Also make sure you have the latest firmware and that the speaker configuration reflects "Large" for the front, and "stereo" downmix. Also recommend that dynamic range control should be off. You can also try pure audio mode on the remote.
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    Default Re: Life after Sierra-2: The usual redundant "where next" question (preference 2.0)

    How's this for a "life after Sierra 2" experience. I sold my Sierra 2's about 3 months ago when I basically replaced my entire system as I'd become disenchanted with it. Moved the new system to a smaller room and began experimenting with my new gear. That's when I realized the speakers I'd acquired to replace the S2 weren't up to snuff. I've got 3 different models of Tannoys and it just wasn't cutting it. Something was missing but I coudn't put my finger on it.

    Finally I brought my Sierra 1's from the theater into this 2 channel system. I nearly dropped my coffee. That's when I realized I never should have sold the S2's. I compared them to some $5000 floorstanders at the time, and preferred the S2, except that the towers had better/more bass.

    So anyway, I'm kind of tapped out at this point! So I ordered a pair of Sierra 1 for the 2 channel system(they sound amazing btw, breaking them in for 50 hours is suggested on this forum), with the sole goal of converting them to Sierra 2 next year. But, I may decide to just bite the bullet and order the Sierra Towers with Raal at that point.

    The moral of the story? Sometimes you never know what you've got 'til it's gone.

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