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Thread: Sierra 2 stands

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mag_Neato View Post
    1. Not an issue as stated above.
    2. the Sanus stands come with both metal spike studs and rubber bumpers which utilize the same holes in the top plate. I did not want to damage the cabinet so I opted for the rubber bumpers.
    3. 26" is the perfect height for MY setup. I had 30" stands prior and the tweeters were too high as I sit on a couch. Choose the height that puts the tweeter closest to ear level.

    Additionally, the stands come with spikes and rubber bumpers to use in the base as well depending on the floor you are placing them on, and they employ heavy gauge steel throughout.

    Quote Originally Posted by kyzersoze98 View Post
    I'm using the same stands for my sierra 2's (side surrounds). No complaints!!!

    For my front left and right sierra 2's i got Sanus sf26 stands.
    Since you are running Sanus in fronts, did you find them better in some way(build, looks, functional) than Pangea?
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