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Thread: rear speakers?

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    Default rear speakers?

    My rear speakers seem kind of ineffective for HT; whether I use addessey or override it, the effect is minimal. The sides do more to provide that feeling of immersion. I just don't hear much from behind me.

    So I'm thinking about moving them as 2nd zone instead and point them into my kitchen. But before I give up, any recommendations?

    LCR are Sierra 2, Sub is F12, sides and rears are Orbs. Receiver is marantz 5009. Sources are appletv (new), amazon firestick, timewarner stb.

    This is my setup:
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    Default Re: rear speakers?

    I've tried 7 speakers versus 5 speakers in a home, and I honestly can't tell much of a difference. I'm down to 5 speakers plus subwoofers. If you get rid of your rear speakers, the side speakers would have to be moved back directly to each side (or slightly behind). If I add any more speakers, it would be high in the ceiling as DTS:X or Atmos comes into play eventually.

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    Default Re: rear speakers?

    That's exactly what I'm thinking. Moving the two back speakers to point to the kitchen will provide more entertainment value!

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    Default Re: rear speakers?

    Moving the surrounds back to slightly behind your ears might bring the whole 7.1 system into action.
    Aiming the rears towards the kitchen would only work in all channel stereo.

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    Default Re: rear speakers?

    The rears can be assigned to zone 2 or used in all channel stereo. Yes, so I can listen to music while doing dishes!

    I will try moving the rears closer as well as try the sides more on the side as others have suggested.


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