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Thread: Rythmik FVX15 owner impressions

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    Default Rythmik FVX15 owner impressions


    I am looking for any feedback on the Rythmik FVX15 from those who have heard it first hand. I am considering using 2 of them for a new 7.2 system in a 2650 cubic foot room that has a 5 foot and 3 foot opening to other rooms.

    The system is primarily for Movies, but is used for music occasionally.

    This will be part of a complete speaker upgrade from my current Onkyo HTIB.

    I am currently planning to use Ascend CMT-340 SE mains, CMT-340 SE center and HTM-200 SE surrounds.

    I don't normally listen at levels over 90db. I want good bass response, but sound quality is important. Listening position is about 12 feet from the center channel and 14 feet from the mains.

    Options I am considering are:
    2 - Rhythmik FVX15 ($1818 shipped)
    2 - HSU VTF15 MK2 ($2045 shipped)
    2 - HSU VTF3 MK5 ($1727 shipped)
    2 - PSA 1500 ($2100 shipped)

    I am leaning towards the FVX15 due to its lower extension, servo control (tighter sound), and price.

    Please let me know how you like your FVX15. I haven't found much info about it online.


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    Default Re: Rythmik FVX15 owner impressions

    Hi Smote,

    I think that any reviews you read about the FV15HP you can assume will basically apply to the FVX15, but the FVX15 has about 3dB less output at most frequencies. Here are some detailed measurements .

    What is so attractive about these two Rythmik subwoofers is that they have about the same output as much of the competition at those price levels, but they have the servo design on top of that, which gives you a purer signal out than much of the competition will.

    The only other concern I would have is the openings to other rooms. When you say that your room is about 2600 cubit feet, you also need to consider all other rooms that this room is open to, if you don't have doors at those openings. The size of this entire space is important when choosing the size of your subwoofer, to ensure that you can fully pressurize the space, to get the tactile feel when an explosion or big special effect happens in the scene of a movie. I have Outlaw subwoofers that were great in the living room of my 800 square foot starter house that is very much underwhelming in my theater area in an open concept 10,000 cubic foot basement. I'm planning to put up a couple of walls to seal off a much smaller portion for my theater area in the future, but for now it is almost like I have no subwoofer at all because it isn't the right size for this massive space. So what size is the entire space that the room is open to in addition to the space of the room?
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