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Thread: TP24 Stands on 2nd floor carpet. Spikes or flat?

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    Default TP24 Stands on 2nd floor carpet. Spikes or flat?

    When I first got the CMT-340s and stands, I just assembled per instructions and didn't think much of it. I haven't filled them yet, though the litter solution will likely be happening soon as I do hear a bit of resonance. That got me thinking about the feet. The theater is in a 2nd floor bonus room over the garage, so suspended joists and the like. Carpet with an 8lb pad. When I set them down, I could hear the spikes poke through the carpet base, but now I've started wondering if that's the best approach or take the spikes off and let them float a bit on the carpet. I'm also at least a tad concerned about 70-80lbs on spikes on carpet and if that might do any damage. Any suggestions on the best approach?

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    Default Re: TP24 Stands on 2nd floor carpet. Spikes or flat?

    It is important that the spikes fully penetrate the carpet to couple the stand to the structure instead of letting it float on top of the carpet. There are speakers weighing over 100+ pounds that are on spikes, so don't worry about the weight at all, they are designed for it.
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