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    I never thought I'd say this, but I bought a pair of B0SE (WB-3) and they are fantastic. Ok, before I get kicked off the forum I better quit messing around. The WB-3 is a mounting kit for the 201s/301s which I used to mount my HTM-200s.

    The kit contains two matching 1.5" X 5" metal plates that lock together such that the plates are parallel and offset by about 7/16". They fit together kind of like a locked hinge, it's hard to describe, I'll try to load pictures later. I think it's an excellent "flush" mount (7/16" from wall) and not terribly expensive at $20.

    The B0SE name does not appear on the brackets so once the packing material is thrown away nobody will know, except for all of you now.

    P.S. the HTM-200s are everything they are not hyped to be.

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    iirc...Dave mentioned a similar locking device over in the Stats thread looking like this. Likely only a couple of bucks...I'm using something similar I picked up in the picture/ mirror section at my local Home Depot for my 200se.


    My solution>
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    Yep, either of those would work too but I really like the design of the B0SE brackets and would buy the kit again for $20 delivered to my front door (Amazon Prime). Here are the pics:
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