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DSP is not comparable to servo. DSP is one method (actually, a lesser expensive method these days) for equalizing / contouring the subwoofer's response as opposed to equalizing by analog means. It means the LFE signal that is being sent to the sub is once again converted to digital - then various filters are applied to the digital signal, and then it is once again converted to analog so it can be amplified and then sent to the woofer.

Regardless of how good the DAC's are - each time an analog signal is converted to digital and then back again, information is lost.

Servo is a real time solution whereby the woofer sends a continuous signal back to the amplifier, so that the amplifier makes sure the woofer is properly tracking the signal being sent to it.

DSP does not have any effect on overall sound quality other than adding additional features and a simpler way of implementing eq. In fact, because of the additional A/D D/A conversions, it has a negative effect on the purity of the original signal being sent. These days, there are way to many A/D D/A conversions taking place in the audio chain. DSP in a sub would be more beneficial if the LFE output itself were digital.

I'll take servo any day of the week when it comes to sound quality in a subwoofer.

I'm a little confused about what you are saying here. Are you saying that Rythmik subs don't do a D/A conversion? Or that they can be configured where they are not doing a D/A conversion?

I know that there are PEQ knobs on back, so are those working in the analog domain?