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    Hi. I just bought a Rythmik FV15HP which is by far the best speaker I have ever owned. It produces beautiful, articulate bass and will shake the walls in movies too.

    My question is the base extension. I can't quite figure out what it does. What is the 14 vs. 20 vs. 28 actually doing? I have the damping set to high to enable the most articulate bass.


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    The bass extension is a high-pass filter. That is, it attenuates low frequency below the level you set. So if you set 28, you won't as notice as much low frequency output below 28Hz. The damping changes how pronounced this effect is, with low being the most pronounced.

    This basically lets you trade lower frequency reproduction for more output in the remaining higher frequencies. Useful for situations like using the sub in a room that's a little too big for it.
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