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Thread: Suggestions for ceiling speakers

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    Question Suggestions for ceiling speakers

    Hi everyone,

    I want to set up a 5.1 home theater. I'll be using the cbm-170se for the fronts, a cmt 340se for the center and a hsu vtf-2mk5 sub. I have a really open floor living room is open to the kitchen behind it, hallway to the left, and doesn't lend well to having speakers on stands for the rears. Especially with my kids running around. There are already pre-wires in the 10ft ceiling for rear speakers so I thought those would be the best bet to use. Does anyone have any suggestions on what speakers to put up there that might sound okay with my fronts? They are back about a foot from the main seating. If i hang speakers they would probably have to be pretty small satellites to get buy-in from the wife, or I could look at doing in-ceiling speakers.

    Thanks for any suggestions you have!

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    Default Re: Suggestions for ceiling speakers

    Check out this thread for a few suggestions on in-ceiling speakers...

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