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Thread: You Guys Wanna Hear About Some Custom Speakers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FirstReflect View Post
    Thanks, Jay!

    Yes, I'm certainly considering using another pair of Horizon RAAL as my Surrounds. But that would only happen in the future, larger theatre. In my current, tiny theatre, the size would be an issue for sure.

    Yup, I'm curious about the 70-20XR + CURV woofer combo. But I just don't think I'm willing to risk that much, potentially, in shipping costs. If I decide to go with the 70-20XR tweeter, it'll be with the dedicated, phase-plug midrange driver as its mate. I already know for certain what I'm getting with that combo, and it's what I want, to be frank
    I decided to revive this thread simply to satisfy my curiosity. Rob, your being such a discerning listener, I'm curious what you have concluded to do for surrounds in your incredible speaker package. I figure that you've had plenty of time now to compare all of the usual suspects and pick the configuration that best suits your current needs. Care to update?

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    Hey there, Jay!

    Yes, it's been a crazy time for me lately. Unfortunately, many, many rather serious family health issues have been going on. Outside of the AV Rant Podcast, I really have not had much time at all to spend on my home theater hobby. But that will hopefully be improving soon

    Despite the limits of my time for the past while, I did come to a conclusion (at least for now -- haha) in regards to my speaker setup:

    I would up just going with Sierra-2 all around. So I have 6 Sierra-2 now acting as my Surrounds, Surround Backs, and Front Heights.

    Basically, it was just so convenient and affordable to just do the upgrades. The added cost of turning one pair of my old Sierra-1 NrT into custom 70-20XR + phase plug Tower mid-range driver units was going to be difficult to justify when their current placement and limited bass extension were going to still be slight compromises.

    On top of that, Dave is, of course, always toying with new ideas. So there's nothing to report as of yet, but he's undoubtedly got ideas swimming around in his head behind the scenes

    And furthermore, I like the idea that in my future house (where I most certainly intend to have more than one surround sound setup), I might simply move all 6 of the Sierra-2 to another room, add a Sierra-2 Center (and maybe a 4th pair for Front Wide or some sort of Dolby Atmost duties ), and then upgrade all of the Surround and presence speakers in my dedicated theater.

    As for the results, I have zero complaints and no regrets. The timbre match of the Sierra-2 as surrounds really is excellent. And with pretty much all real world content, I'm never noticing the miniscule shift in sound quality between the Front 5 speakers and the Surrounds. The change in physical location makes a bigger difference than the very slight difference in sound quality, so it just isn't bothersome in any way when I'm actually watching something and paying more attention to the story and what's happening on screen!

    So, bottom line, I feel as though I made the right decision. With the Sierra-1 NrT, there was enough of a shift in timbre (still really small, mind you, I want to stress how hyper critical I was being!) that I was thinking there was room for improvement. With the Sierra-2, no such thoughts. Do I still have it in the back of my mind that in a much larger, dedicated theater I might upgrade my Surrounds? Sure! I'm insane, after all But for right now, the Sierra-2 are definitely doing their jobs extremely well, and when I'm paying attention to what's happening on screen, the Sierra-2 as Surrounds are never distracting me by having a slightly different timbre from the Front soundstage. That was my goal -- that seamless immersion. So I'm very happy with my current results.

    Thanks for checking in! I still have some cleaning up to do in my theater. But I'll post some pictures in a few weeks once that's all done. It's pretty fun in there with my newly upgraded and repaired ATI AT1807 amp, my new Elite HTS reclining sofa, and my 11 ribbon tweeters

    - Rob H.

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    Default Re: You Guys Wanna Hear About Some Custom Speakers?

    Thanks for the update, really sorry to hear about the family health issues, I hope things work out with a positive resolution! Nothing like real life problems to remind us about the things that matter the most!

    I have no doubt that your system sounds incredible! My relatively simple 5.1 configuration still blows my mind !


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