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    All the talk of Pandora in another thread has me wondering if I'm an odd duck. I use Slacker almost exclusively for streaming. I'll occasionally try pandora but always return. I find that the auto created stations are more true to my stylistic preference. Pandora can throw some really odd stuff out that doesn't seem to fit. Wondering if there are any Slacker brethren around here?

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    It's 5-month thread necromancy, but I'm a bit bored at work, so...

    I, too, use Slacker for streaming these days. I'm a paid Pandora supporter, but whereas I find that Pandora takes seeds and feedback to "distill" a path through it's musical choices (to some very... annoying... ends), Slacker is a bit more reasonable in its choices by not simply saying "dood u liek drums and teh acoustics guitars so u likes all drums and ascosuticals here listnens to dis ting nobody ever hread of thx bye", and actually uses a bit more time, social construct, and people to associate tracks.

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    I use both Slacker and Pandora at times, but for the moment my darling is Spotify. I think it offers the best sound quality for unpaid / nonsubscribers and a noticeable improvement over slacker and pandora, especially over 3G (Ogg Vorbis q6 or q7 versus 40 or 48 kbps HE-AACv2). Unfortunately with the unpaid version its radio only, much like Pandora -- no choosing individual songs. If there is a particular song I want to hear, then I use slacker.

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