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    Default Sierra-2 Development Thread

    ----> 1/21/2014: Sierra-2 are now available. Please click here for order info <----

    Ok, I'm going to put this out there.

    With all the focus lately on the new Sierra Towers and Center speaker, let us not forget that some of us do not have the budget, and some do not have the space needed to jump onto the tower bandwagon!

    So, what if us Sierra-1 NrT owners desire some of the midrange goodness offered by the towers? Would a replacement driver for the Sierra-1 woofer be something possible? Say, more of a mid driver with less emphasis on the low bass, which is usually handled by a sub. Perhaps something similar to the tower mid driver with the required crossover modification. This way we can have more of the mids that the tower produces?

    What do you think, Dave? Sound like something possible?
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