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For you and anyone else wondering what equipment I will be running these with:
Proceed amp3 for front 3 channels - 150w/ch at 8ohm, 250w at 4ohm
Parasound 2100 preamp with HT bypass & yamaha Rx-v2600 for movies
Squeezebox Touch (source)
Oppo 981 DVD player for SACD & DVD_Audio
Rythmik D-15SE sub EQ'ed very flat with Behringer FD
Brandon: If I remember correctly you are using Sierra-1s (non-Nrt) as your surrounds, how do you have them placed - wall mounted or on stands? After few emails back and forth to Dave and advice from Cutris I might just stick with direct radiating/monopoles for my surrounds instead of dipoles and ideally would like Sierra-1s as surrounds if I go with monopoles to match new towers but not sure about the look of wall mounted Sierra-1s due to their depth.