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Thread: What are you listening to? (Music)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce Watson View Post
    OK, y'all will hurt me for this. But the truth is the truth. What I've been listening to this evening is some baroque music. Specifically a CD by I Solisti Veneti that contains a (the?) cello concerto by Nicolo Porpora, a composer I wasn't familiar with but who was a contemporary of J. S. Bach. Gonna have to look for more of his work; this piece is a fine example of baroque cello in the Italian style.

    This is the kind of music that makes a RAAL ribbon tweeter really shine. But I'm probably the only one on this list listening to this tonight.
    I like it. Never heard of this composer. Thanks for the suggestion

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    Hans Zimmer Live in Prague. Amazing concert if you like the genre. The Bluray Disc has an Atmos track. Even the plain Dolby D+ 5.1 track is excellent. Great music, great show and great recording. It will give a good workout to your system, sub included.

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