Ok. I think I've made this clear more than once but in case you missed it...I love the Terminator franchise.

Ok. Maybe not Rise of the Machines...but if it's part of the family I'll take it.

The first Terminator was a great flick and the second is, in many peoples views, even better.

Yeah. The third isn't that great (all though I'll still watch it) and Salvation was a decent flick.

So...let's talk about part five....if it were to ever happen. What would you like to see, what don't you want to see, and so on?

When I first heard about Salvation I was really excited because I really like Christian Bale....but I'd have to say the Sam Worthington (Marcus Wright) stole the show and I was bummed to see that they killed the character off.

So maybe I'd like to see a way to keep that character around? Find an power source to keep him going since he gave up his heart for John Connor to live?

Either way I want to see more of the battles we saw glimpses of in Terminator and T2. I also want to see more of Blair, since she is basically the Sarah Connor of the new story line, and I want to see John come into his own as a leader and become as great as we know he can be.

I want to see Kyle Reese become a bit more hardened to match the adult Reese we all know and love and I wouldn't mind seeing some primitive T1000 developed.

I want more war. Less fucking around with stupid shit.

What else...