I feel your pain! I live in the Cleveland area. We got slammed by those storms Friday...Holy Cr_p!!! I did not lose power from the storm, but something "Popped" behind the homes on my side of the street after the storm blew through. This caused a brown-out condition. We lost our main tv...it's cooked. My receiver, an Outlaw 1050, must have gone into a "protect" condition. I tried to turn it on(the yellow standby light was lit)but it would not do anything. I had to turn off and back on it's master power switch on the back of the unit. It then came on. I did not realize that the power was still at low, and fluctuating voltage, so when I turned it on there was a heart stopping hum coming from every speaker, whether in surround mode or two channel, from every source input except those using a digital input. I quickly disconnected the unit from the outlet, praying that once power was restored to normal it would return to normal. Power was just restored this morning at 2:00am. I did a quick test of the unit and everything was fine....Phew! My tv is another story. It did not come back from the dead. I put a claim in to the electric company this morning as it was their equipment that failed and 2 full days to correct it. Now I wait for a claims rep. to call me.

Good luck,