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Thread: Memorial Day / Summer Sale!

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    Default Memorial Day / Summer Sale!

    Memorial Day / Summer Sale!!

    Summer is almost here and thankfully our country appears to be on the mend from Coronavirus.

    Businesses now face a surprising new set of issues as the economy begins to ramp back up. Massive price increases combined with material shortages and significant sea freight issues have presented challenges that are equivalent to and in many cases, even more difficult to overcome than the lockdowns.

    In addition, many employees prefer to continue to collect unemployment rather than head back to work. Challenging times indeed...

    We had some good luck thrown our way and we finally have a large supply of all the components needed to assemble our remarkable Sierra-2EX.

    With the dollar falling and the price of gas, food, housing, utilities and necessities all rising, we thought we would help about a bit by putting our top selling product on sale.

    For a limited time, we are most pleased to be able to offer our Sierra-2EX at a $160 per pair savings.*

    As summer approaches and our masks come off, there is no better time to enjoy these remarkable speakers.

    Wishing everyone a Happy Memorial Day and a fantastic summer!

    *Note: Standard cabinets only
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    Good Sound To You!

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