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    Default Ascend Owners Photo Gallery

    I finally figured out how to embed pictures into a thread, so thought I'd share. How about pictures of your setup?

    OK, here's my modest plain-jane "old school" SE living room setup. Any critique/suggestions welcome.:

    Pioneer 50" 1120 plasma + Sanus wall mount
    Pioneer 74txvi receiver
    Toshiba HD-D2 HD-DVD player
    Xbox 360
    Pioneer 588 DVD player (mainly for SACD/DVD-audio music)
    DirecTV HR10-250 Tivo
    APC H15 power/line conditioner
    Ascend 340 SE LCR + HTM-200 L/R surrounds
    Hsu VTF3-MKII sub
    Sennheiser HD595 headphones
    Harmony 580 universal remote
    Salamander Triple 20 cabinet

    Left surround

    Right surround

    Open cabinet

    Here's how I learned to embed images:
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