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Thread: Musical Subwoofer for CBM-170s

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    Default Musical Subwoofer for CBM-170s

    Hi all,

    I have the original CBM-170s and just purchased a new Denon AVR-X2400H receiver. That - and Tidal have renewed my interest in listening to HiFi stereo music. However, my subwoofer is a pretty inexpensive Polk (PSW10?). I am wondering how much better music will sound with a more expensive musical subwoofer? (I really don't want to break the bank, so my budget is less than $500 though) Would it be worth it? If yes, what subwoofer would go well with my CBM-170s for HiFi music?


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    Default Re: Musical Subwoofer for CBM-170s

    A bit over your budget, but I would suggest the Rythmik L12.

    If you need to step down, then have a look at the Hsu VTF-1.

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    Default Re: Musical Subwoofer for CBM-170s

    +1 for the L12. I have one paired with a couple of CMT-340 as mains (think of them as CBM-170 on steroids ). It is a heavenly match for music and more than satisfactory with movies.
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