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Thread: Denon 988 AVR on sale at Circuit City-$649

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    Thumbs up Denon 988 AVR on sale at Circuit City-$649

    It only has 2 HDMI inputs- V 1.3, but for 649 it looks to be a great deal, this unit is said to be the same(for all intents and purposes) as the Denon 2808.
    If you need more inputs, a switch isn't that costly.
    It Decodes DTS-MA and Dolby Tru-HD (for BD players that Bitstream), and has Pre-amp outs, which folks with outboard amps will want to use.
    I'm REALLY considering picking one of these up to use as a Pre/Pro and retiring my Non-HDMI Boston Acoustics AVP7 (AKA Sherwood Newcastle P-965).
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