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Thread: my Sierra-1 et al story

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    I got it at a local Lowe's hardware store, but did a quick search to see where you can get it online:

    I've removed and reinstalled it several times and comes off completely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mia & Lana's dad View Post

    my room is tough to get clean max output readings due to feedback... I was able to produce this graph though - Quads vs. Single at typical calibrated levels, no EQ - right rear corner - mic placed at center channel. This was back when I was trying to figure out the 12.5hz suckout.
    how do you plan on cleaning up the room resonance at 30-40hz? can you play with an eq and level that out? I imagine you probably have a receiver with audyssey/room-correction features...

    that's some crazy gel! does it work on non-glass products? smooth surface of say a plastic or metal for adhesion to a smoothly painted wall, or is it just glass-glass?
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    keep reading, that's a pretty old post. I've since rearranged subs multiple times as well as recruiting a DEQ2496 to fine tune spots I wasn't satisfied with post Audyssey calibration. I have posted more sub related updates on AVS if you want to check it out in the "new HSU flat to 10hz" thread.

    I opted for the gel because it was transparent. It works fine between the satin painted finish of the subs.
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