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Thread: my Sierra-1 et al story

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    Default my Sierra-1 et al story

    I'd like to share a little background info leading up to my trifecta of woofage. Last week I just finished putting up my acoustic treatments in their final position. Glenn Kuras and Bryan Pape of GIK Acoustics were called upon to custom tailor my room with Guilford of Maine adorned acoustic goodness. They transformed my space and made me believe I had an entirely different system - formerly 7.1 comprised of Sierra's and the lone Conquest. After re-running Audyssey with the panels, I immediately commenced basic SPL measurement with the usual run of bass titles. I started with WOTW. It was devastating. Literally. I pushed my system to its limit and suffered an overload which took out my front right main Sierra-1. I didn't notice something was wrong until I saw a red light on the front panel of my amp after hitting 120db during the pods emerge scene. I was really confused and disappointed to see that because increasing the volume was just so clean, effortless and confident. I didn't notice any audible distortion whatsoever.

    I shut everything down and began to recap my experience with Dave@Ascend. I knew it was my fault and scheduled to bring my L/C/R in for bench testing. I dropped them off on a Monday and I received a call at the end of the week from Dina saying they were ready for pickup last Friday. When I arrived, Dave was the only one there working after hours and graciously opened up shop. He told me that I burnt both the tweeter and woofer voice coils to a crisp, looking like charcoal. I recalled, in an email, he explained that I was perhaps underpowered for the db's I was seeing at my listening position. Dave replaced the obliterated components at no charge and bid me a good weekend with a friendly warning to keep the db's down a little.

    Although happy to get my front stage back, I was also slightly dismayed at now having to exercise cautious restraint. I love the sound quality of my system, I just wanted more without blowing stuff up! But.... how could I get the impact I craved - safely. I was about ready to spring for a beefier amp when I came across a few recent threads on MBM-12's. Unsure as to how well they would integrate with my Epik Conquest, I tried calling Chad first. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get through all week to ask him for his feedback and recommendation as I prefer to stay within the family as much as possible. Feeling desperate for a solution, after leaving Ascend, I impulsively picked up the phone and dialed up HSU Research. It rang and rang. I resolved that no one would answer. About to hang up, I heard a courteous "hello..." - not the Doc, but low and behold it was Pete to the rescue!

    I pulled over at the nearest gas station so we could converse without distraction. Thanking Pete profusely, I inquired to the possibility of purchasing a pair of MBM-12's. He said, sure - no problem. I chuckled and said, how about in 30 minutes? He wasn't so sure this time around and asked me to hold on a second. Upon his return, Pete said that it was my lucky day and that maybe it was just meant to be - they had two left in stock at their office, both black. I wouldn't have to wait until next week for a warehouse shipment and that it was alright to make my way down to Anaheim if I could arrive by 7:30pm. I gave him my CC info and the rest is (very recent) history.

    I didn't get much time to integrate over the weekend, spent some quality time with the family, visiting relatives and catching the Pacquaio/Marquez WBC Title bout on PPV. That was Saturday. However on Sunday, I had the house to myself and configured my newly enhanced 7.3 setup. I am a total novice to this hobby, but AVS has proven to be the central hub and repository for all the information one needs to get the job done right out the gates. Thanks for providing the bandwidth and storage for this wonderful community. With that said, I would like to thank the following in no particular order:

    AVS Staff
    Ascend Acoustics
    Blue Jeans Cable
    Epik Subwoofers
    GIK Acoustics
    Home Theater Shack/Room EQ Wizard
    HSU Research
    Kal Rubinson

    I am pretty much just a lurker around these parts, so if some of you are perplexed as to why you're on my list, it's because you may have answered one or two pm's awhile back and I'm greatly appreciative. I try not to forget all those who've helped me build my first home theater (hopefully I don't suffer a brain fart all of a sudden under pressure!). And while there are a few on this list that may not have communicated directly with me, the reason why you're acknowledged is due to your high visibility as regulars and proliferate posts from which I have thoroughly enjoyed learning all I can.

    Whew... are you still reading.. Okay, here's what I've got to show and tell...

    I really wanted to know how well everything melded together so today, I downloaded REW 4.11 for the first time ever and spent about 4 hours tweaking until I was able to produce the result you see above. I'm not sure if I did everything properly, but there it is. Comments, feedback and constructive criticism always welcome!


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    Default Re: my Sierra-1 et al story

    Very cool Ron....but how does it sound?

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    Default Re: my Sierra-1 et al story

    I'll say what you always do... You have to come over and listen for yourself!

    Bring all your material, I don't have much to demo with.


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    Default Re: my Sierra-1 et al story

    Hi Ron,

    You are most welcome!!

    Bass response looks great! Hope you are getting all the "punch" that you are after
    Good Sound To You!

    David Fabrikant

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    the sierra's have the punch, they are the spearhead which leads the balanced attack headlong into battle, its fellow soldiers continue with the onslaught bringing the fury.

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    I added two more MBM's and finally got around to snapping a shot.

    I'm trying really hard not to blow up any more Sierra-1's Dave!

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    Default Re: my Sierra-1 et al story

    OMG!! That picture is awesome!!

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    Default Re: my Sierra-1 et al story



    CMT-340SE Mains & Center, CBM-170SE Surrounds, Rythmik F15, Yamaha RX-V2400, Emotiva XPA-5, Samsung LN52A650, Sony CDP-CA70ES, Numark TT-200, JVC TD-W103, XBox 360, PS3, Wii

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    Default Re: my Sierra-1 et al story

    Wow!!! That sure is purdy! I'm not sure which is more impressive... you photography skills or the components in your system.

    Looks like a glossy from an audio magazine.

    What are you using for surrounds?

    I would like to know more about your electronics and room treatments.

    I can't help but wonder if the CMT-340se's wouldn't be a better choice to fulfill your high db hunger???
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    Sierra-1 x 7 all the way around!

    Pioneer DV-48AV as transport for CD/DVD-A/SACD over HDMI
    Integra DHS-8.8 HD-DVD bitstream over HDMI
    Pioneer 95FD Blu-Ray bitstream over HDMI
    Integra DTC-9.8 pre-pro
    NAD M25 7ch amp

    Sony 52XBR5

    GIK Acoustics

    4 x Tri-Traps, floor to ceiling stacked in rear corners
    3 x 242 ceiling mounted at 1st and 2nd reflection points
    4 x 242 elite behind front stage
    2 x 242 elite front sides, 1st reflection point, movable
    6 x 242 rear side wall
    2 x 244 on stands rear wall/french double door block

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