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Thread: Ascend Acoustics Official Music Recommendation Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by white_darren View Post
    Yeah, I'm running a similar setup with Plex serving up music, videos and live/recorded OTA TV from my Synology NAS through FireTV.
    I didn't know Plex was available for FireTV. I will have to check it out.. I used it on my NAS and iPhone for a while, but ultimately stuck with the Synology app.
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    I'm curious what other folks use to run their music libraries that run in the thousands to tens of thousands of tunes and how they integrate it to stream in their homes (whether it's SONOS amp or HEOS or something else). I'd been using JRiver forever.

    Going back to listen to some of my favorite 80's recordings, my ears are hurting from the horrible piercing treble in the masterings.

    These days, I prefer to recommend studios/labels rather than individual recordings when it comes to sound quality as there are certain companies that are sticklers for doing everything right (right venue, right mic placement, right equipment, right mastering). I know that if I purchase a classical recording from BIS, I will get consistently stellar sound quality.
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