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    I all, I have a chance to buy a brand new pioneer elite PRO-1540HD 60" plasma I would like to know if anyone has or knows someone that has it ? WHAT are your thoughts on this plasma . Also I looking at another plasma called the pioneer PDP-5016 which is a non elite 50" ? any help ?

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    I think these are the older models. The newer "Kuro" models are suppose to be stunning.

    Other than that, I understand Pioneer plasmas are suppose to be very good.

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    a friend of mine has an "older" Pioneer Elite 60". He has had it for a couple of years. All I can say is that I always find myself comparing my Panasonic lcd (which I love) to his screen, his screen is absolutely beautiful and easily the nicest picture I have ever seen! But the price of Pioneer elite's is just too much of a jump for me, I'd rather spend all my cash here at Ascend.
    Hope this helps.



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