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    Hi All,

    Had anyone been waiting for the the price drop on PS3, it had already happened awhile back. But right now, if you go directly to the Sony website and use their CC, you will get another $150 off. They also have free shipping going on. So $499-$150 (free shipping, and 5 blueray movies). If only this deal was going when I bought my PS3.

    You can visit for more details.

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    Thanks Blake,

    That is a good deal... I paid $599 but then the price dropped and I went back to BB and got $100 back. BluRay is terrific, even though I am *only* using a 1080i TV. Too bad I rarely get to watch anything as my son is addicted to the video games

    Daddy will have his turn eventually, once I get a copy of Madden '08
    Good Sound To You!

    David Fabrikant

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    Hey Dave,

    It sure is. I mean with the price drop, $150 instant credit, and 5 blueray dvds, it's like buying a blueray player/game system/computer (to surf the internet) for $200!!! I bought mine at the $499 price also. But even at that, for a system to do all that at that price is pretty amazing. I'll stop here before people start thinking I'm a Sony salesperson...

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    Thats OK.

    I work for Toshiba!!!

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    Where can you find info on the $150 off? Does it automatically happen when you use the Sony CC?

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    I just went to the site and no longer see the Sony credit card offer. It was basically a promotion to sign up with their CC and they'll give you a $150 instant credit when you purchase an item over $299 (which the PS3 was). But if it's something you're interested in, I'd contact the their CC company and ask for them to extend the offer to you. Knowing how CC companies work, I'd be surprised if they turned you down. Good luck!!

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