Wow, just wow.

I've had the sierras in natural finish since friday morning and I've probably listened for around 10 hours so far.

When I first took them out the first thing I thought was "They look THIS good?!" I know other people have said it but pictures do not do these beauties justice. The craftsmanship just looks and feels top notch too.
While listening it was hard not to just admire these things and wonder what the retail on a speaker like this Would have cost me.

I started throwing all kinds of stuff at them right away.
My favorite female singers singing old songs from italian operas.
Trance and electronica.
Soft and hard rock.
Some stuff that might defy classification.
And classical.

First of all,
Everyone keeps talking about the bass. "The bass is tight" "these things go low" etc etc. Well, there is a reason for that...its all true.
The sierras go really low. And for their size it's trully surprising.
The other surprising thing is that no matter how much bass you throw at them it never overwelms the midrange, every peice of the music still remained distinct and clear.
I've heard on some speakers, when a low sound comes in and a vocal is also overlapping it that the purity of the voice is a bit compromised. It's hard to explain exactly but, the sound becomes blurry at a point.
This Never happened with the sierras.

2nd of all,
The sierras are clean and detailed. I kindoff already alluded to this in typing about the bass but I need to mention it further here.
I really like clean sound. I actually almost bought some studio monitors in the past but ultimately went with the gallo 3.1s because of musicality and some other reasons I won't mention here.
The problem with some monitors is that they are SO clean that they end up sounding sterile, thin, etc. Not exactly what you want to listen to for hours.
The sierras, remarkably, stay clean and detailed without losing musicality. In my tests listening for details that are revealed with my gallos the sierras actually brought out some of the detailes even better than they did. That is trully amazing considering that the gallos cost more than 3x the amount!
The sierras were cleaner and a tad brighter than (what I would consider to be) my neutral gallos. I love my gallos though, and they are better in other respects (for me).

I could go on but I'll leave it here. These speakers are for my dad and I would be shocked if he didn't like them. I'll be keeping my gallos because for me, they are still the right speaker. If in the future I was in the market for a bookshelf, the sierras would be at the top of the list.

Anyone out there that is still on the fence, I must tell you that if you can afford to buy a pair,(and they are an enormous bargain) you Will Not regret it! You simply will not find a better speaker in store for 2x the price, and maybe even 3x.